Ode to the Prickly Pear Cactus

in lingering dance
to some faint static noise
beyond skyline, where
among the frothing of lost radio waves
and sacred chants, the prickly pear
must have honed in on a peculiar sound,… … More Ode to the Prickly Pear Cactus


Adventure Haikus

Adventure Haikus By Sara Aranda ~~~ Tree bark, buried soil the snow dresses the pine boughs, wind-blown like sand dunes. ~~~ Elk tracks through the trees gentle dimples for white flesh, here I am too late. ~~~ Abandon your boots let wet laces paint the floor, let the snow melt in. ~~~ Ice on the … More Adventure Haikus

We Are the Walls

We Are the Walls by Sara Aranda Morning light, hollow flake balance of granite and us and our feet, delicate malleable hands— how they trace valley walls better than the sky. We’ve come to know another language of immaterial body, a dialogue of skin and its blood. We feel for the cracks, sloping edges, the … More We Are the Walls

Aroma at Sunset

By Sara Aranda Aroma at Sunset I lean into the wind become a silhouette in this orange waning sky. It never settles, just follows a subtle, foaming taste of dirt. Somewhere someone is failing to look outside climb the mountains touch the streams love wildly hope for death as a dream beneath the boughs of … More Aroma at Sunset