Adventure Résumé

Photo: Eliza Earle

I was undeniably privileged to have access to the outdoors as a child. Not only did my childhood home have a backyard, we were also nestled along rolling hills that bordered a State Park. Coyotes, horses, opossums, and mountain lions roamed those hills and so did I — I can thank my father and papa (grandpa) for that. My father grew up hunting with his dad and so he was adamant about taking us kids camping even as infants.

My father loved planting, saving the tadpoles from drought, and nurturing a sense of curiosity in all of us. This blossomed into something completely unexpected in my life and in the life of my family, to be honest. After graduating from the University of CA Riverside, I found myself as a cashier in Yosemite National Park, living, working, and meeting people leading incredible alternative lifestyles. Thus, a saga of knowing oneself through ultrarunning, rock climbing, and backcountry adventure had begun. These methods of movement provide purpose and place for my writing as much as they provide purpose and place for my physical body, and for the learning and acknowledgment of my mixed heritage.




2021 FKTs

  • Tutokanula (El Capitan): An out-and-back of the trail that summits the iconic Yosemite monolith. ~14 miles, 5000 ft of gain, 3h 31m 51s. Unsupported.
  • Utah Triple Crown: A loop of Utah’s three tallest peaks, all 13’ers. ~30 miles, 7400 ft of gain, 10h 54m 1s. Unsupported.
  • Valley Escape, Yosemite: A point-to-point linkup from Camp 4 to Tioga Road. ~9.2 miles, 4800 ft of gain, 2h 25m 43s. Unsupported.
  • Star Peak, NV: An out-and-back of the dirt road that summits Star Peak. ~11.6 miles, 4200 ft of gain, 2h 25m 41s. Unsupported.

2020 FKTs

  • Sanitarado: A linkup of the Boulder Skyline with Eldorado Mountain. ~22 miles, 8400 ft of gain, 6h 49m 55s. Supported.
  • Reno to Rose: A one-way trek from the downtown Reno Arch to the summit of Mt. Rose. ~19 miles, 6988 ft of gain, 5h 59m 44s. Supported.
  • Boy Scout Trail: An out-and-back route in Joshua Tree NP. ~16 miles, 1800 ft of gain, 2h 36m 19s. Unsupported.
  • Cactus to Clouds to Cactus (C2C2C): An out-and-back from Palm Springs to Mt. San Jacinto Summit. ~29 miles, 10,988 ft of gain, 9h 42m 50s. Unsupported.

2019 FKTs

  • High Sierra Camp Loop: A linkup of the backcountry camps in Yosemite NP. 49 miles, 8000 ft of gain, 12h 22m 32s. Self-supported.
  • Yosemite Valley Loop: A loop around the Yosemite Valley floor, including Mirror Lake. 20.7 miles, 1400 ft of gain, 3h 24m 49s. Unsupported.
  • Wind River High Route: A traverse across the Wind River Range, south to north. ~112 miles, 33,000 ft of gain, 3d 17h 20m. Supported.

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Notable Training Adventures

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I’ve been climbing since 2009 with most of my experiences in the West (CA, UT, CO). Though, I have climbed a teeny bit in Chile and Canada.

  • Trad bests: 5.11 – Indian Creek, UT / 5.10d – Yosemite NP
  • Sport bests: 5.12a – Boulder Canyon, CO / 5.12b indoor
  • Linkups: FOBIAD (Five Open Books in a day) – Yosemite NP
  • Personal speed records: Royal Arches, Yosemite NP, 2 hr simul ascent / Tenaya Peak, YNP, 2 hr simul ascent

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