Collaborative Storytelling & Personal Blog

BivyTales is a creative space for personal musings and collaborations across a variety of mediums, curated by Sara Aranda.

Sara obtained her B.A. in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in Poetry, from the University of California, Riverside. She is a freelance writer and athlete.

With a passion for creating hybrid work, from prose poetry to visual odes, she seeks to further bridge the outdoor recreation world with the literary and artistic, in a way that also transforms all sides. Her written work has appeared in Alpinist Magazine, The Climbing Zine, The American Poetry Review, among others. Sara is currently based out of Durango, Colorado.

View her writing portfolio here and adventure resume here.


2022 // Apple Podcasts – You Are A Big Deal Podcast – November 2, 2022, Episode 3 – Sara Aranda

2021 // FastestKnownTime newsletter – September 2021 – Female FKT of the Week pick for Utah Triple Crown.

2021 // Middlewell.com – Here For Now Podcast – February 22, 2021, Episode 5 – Sara Aranda

2020 // FastestKnownTime newsletter – November 2020 – Female FKT of the Week pick for C2C2C.

2019 // Alpinist.com – Two Alpinist stories receive honorable mentions in Best American anthologies

2019 // FastestKnownTime – FKTPodcast Episode 52

2019 // GearJunkie – 112 Miles – Women Set the Wind River High Route FKT


Email: bivytales[at]gmail.com

Instagram:  @oyesaranda



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