Bivouac – n. – an improvised, temporary camp often used by mountaineers or soldiers. It can also refer to a specific, streamlined or emergency sleeping sack. Implying a lack of cover under epic circumstances, wild spaces, and heavy survival instinct, a bivy space can also denote the simple and spontaneous pleasure of spending the night on a ledge, trail, or atypical environment.


BivyTales is an online storytelling platform for outdoor enthusiasts and a supporter of diverse voices, up-and-coming writers, the environment, and genuine art.


The long-term goal is to explore film, podcasts, and music in addition to writing.

BivyTales aims to genuinely share the stories from everyday outdoor people. Athletes and enthusiasts alike, we all have stories we tell over a campfire or up on the ledge or down in the river, to friends, strangers, and patient lovers. As advocates for the wild, we are the ones to hear the rocks fall, taste the waters from the bosom of the mountain herself, and know the wildness that stares at you from the eyes of a deer—to then feel it in ourselves, staring back.



What stories and thoughts are shared by the fire, in passing at the crag, or creekside? If you’re inclined to share, head over to the Submission page for more information.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

The Bivy Team


Sara Aranda
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Writer

Sara has a B.A. in Creative Writing and is a freelance writer and avid trail runner, climber, and gear tester. Her work has appeared in The Climbing Zine, The American Poetry Review, and online at Alpinist.com, Dirtbagdreams.com, and MisadventuresMag.com. Read blog content or view her portfolio under “Hey Sara” in the menu above.. You can also follow along on Instagram, @HeySarawrr. Sara currently lives on the Front Range of Colorado.





Emma Murray
Sidekick, Copy-Editor, Senior Contributor

Emma is a Colorado-based lover, yoga teacher, and journalist. Her work has appeared in Rock & Ice Magazine, Alpinist.com, Boulder Weekly, OutThere Colorado, and Misadventures Magazine. You can see what she is up to on her Instagram @emmaathenamurray or at emmaathenamurray.com




14713624_10154647982464082_6130693526588753912_nBirch Malotky
Senior Contributor for Dither Me This

Birch is currently a freelance writer/recreator living in her 2000 Toyota Tacoma who wants to do everything in the world, now. She enjoys rocks, apples, the click of a carabiner closing, cooking, and poetry. She believes in social justice, conservation, the power of the human connection, and serendipity. She also spends a lot of time thinking about the way that people relate to their environment and is a terrible singer.


Email – bivytales[at]gmail.com

Instagram –  @BivyTales

Facebook – BivyTales

#bivytales #dithermethis #runclimbeat


This blog was born March 9th, 2016 and efforts to officially launch BivyTales as a media presence were made April, 2017.


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