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BivyTales is a creative space for musings and collaborations across a variety of mediums, curated by Sara Aranda.

Sara (she/her) obtained her B.A. in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in Poetry, from the University of California, Riverside. She is a freelance writer and athlete currently based out of Durango, Colorado.

With a passion for creating hybrid work, from prose poetry to visual odes, she seeks to further bridge the outdoor recreation world with the literary and artistic, in a way that also transforms all sides. Her written work has appeared in Alpinist Magazine, The Climbing Zine, The American Poetry Review, among others. One of her essays received a Notable Mention in Best American Essays 2019.

View her writing portfolio here and adventure resume here.


2022 // Apple Podcasts – You Are A Big Deal Podcast – November 2, 2022, Episode 3 – Sara Aranda

2021 // FastestKnownTime newsletter – September 2021 – Female FKT of the Week pick for Utah Triple Crown.

2021 // Middlewell.com – Here For Now Podcast – February 22, 2021, Episode 5 – Sara Aranda

2020 // FastestKnownTime newsletter – November 2020 – Female FKT of the Week pick for C2C2C.

2019 // Alpinist.com – Two Alpinist stories receive honorable mentions in Best American anthologies

2019 // FastestKnownTime – FKTPodcast Episode 52

2019 // GearJunkie – 112 Miles – Women Set the Wind River High Route FKT


Email: bivytales[at]gmail.com

Instagram:  @oyesaranda

Please Note: I will not respond to solicitations regarding my contract work with OutdoorGearLab, including but not limited to: advertisements, media-related product releases, or general inquiries about OGL processes.



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