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A Brief Bio:

I was born and raised in Southern California in the endless suburbs of the Inland Empire, but a year after graduating from U.C. Riverside with a B.A. in Creative Writing, I heard about seasonal work in Yosemite National Park. Since discovering an alternative and adventurous lifestyle, I worked 5 seasons in Yosemite, lived shortly in Chile and Nicaragua; hiked 700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Then in 2014, I packed myself into my Jeep Cherokee and moved to Colorado—no agenda, no job lined up, no friends waiting—and it has been best decision I’ve made for my writing career.

My manifesto is to create genuine art, collaborate when I can, and put into words a human experience that many may never know. Moving to Colorado changed my life and opened doors to the Outdoor Industry in ways I never thought possible. I’m grateful for what traveling has taught me, for the people I’ve met along the way, and the stories that are thusly born.

Here is a list of articles, stories, and poems I have had published on the world wide web or in print. For blog content on this site, peruse the “Hey Sara” category above. Please feel free to contact me for potential work or collaboration: bivytales[at]gmail.com




  • “Building community connection through goats,” Boulder Weekly, 24th Anniversary Issue. January 25th, 2018. [Journalism]      //also online//
  • “Rising in Flame/Out of Darkness/With the Sun,” The Climbing Zine, Solos, Choss, and Reflection, Volume 11. Fall 2017. [Nonfiction Narrative]      //also online//
  • “As Long as Life Endures,” The Climbing Zine, The Raw Issue, Volume 10. Spring 2017. [Nonfiction Narrative]      //also online//
  • “Background Radiation” and “Skydiving,” The American Poetry Review, A Special Feature on 12 Chicano/Latina Poets, Volume 40 No. 05. September/October 2011. [Poetry]
  • “Brothers,” MatchBox Magazine, University of California Santa Cruz, Issue 5. 2011. [Poetry]

Online Narrative/Article (in order of most recent):

08.23.17 – Alpinist.com – Outdoor Retailer Summer Show: Diversity and Inclusion; Where the outdoor industry’s mega-convention does (and doesn’t) succeed. Co-authored with Emma Murray, we attended the Summer Show to ask those difficult questions and foster dialogue regarding the perceived “white, masculine” dominance over the industry; to see if there’s measurable efforts to include and create level ground for people of color and other marginalized groups (particularly in business practices); and to partake in the Public Lands march.

07.07.17 – Misadventures Magazine – A Woman Beneath the Moon. My account of a solo trail-run of the High Sierra camp loop in Yosemite National Park over 2.5 days in 2014.

04.25.2017 – Terra Incognita Media – Mother of My Dreams: A meditation on a series of dreams of my mother, who passed away in 2009, and how her death could be a glimpse into my own.

11.03.2016 – The Climbing Zine – As Long as Life Endures: A brief, alternative account of my climber wedding, featuring our wedding film, shot and edited by Cheyne Lempe (Different from the printed story).

09.29.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – A Climber Wedding on the Incredible Hulk: A summary of what it took to put together a climbing wedding in the Sierra Nevada, from meeting our officiant at Camp 4 to the gear we used and the food we dished up. Photography by Cheyne Lempe.

04.26.2016 – Mountain Standard Blog – Chasing Shade in the Sierra. A recap of a fun-hog weekend for Mountain Standard’s spring “Desert Dream Season.” Video on YouTube.

04.26.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Why Dirtbags Love Stickers. A fun look at why those who thrive outside love stickers so much.

02.29.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Winter Running Tips from IronMan endurance athlete Ariana Schiff.

02.11.2016 – Becoming Infinity Blog – 5 Ideas for an #OPTOutside Valentine’s Day. From cross country skiing to even a simple day hike, here’s 5 ideas for a romantic and nature-filled getaway.

10.01.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Banana Protein Pancakes, Camp Recipe. A different way to treat yourself before a big day at the crag or a trek up the hill.

09.16.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Rising From the Dust: A Free Solo Accident. The story of climber and runner Alain DeLa Tejera, who fell free-soloing in New Jack City, CA. Listen to an interview on SoundCloud (discretion is advised).

08.31.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Channeling the Weekend Warrior. My account on working as talent in a Subaru car commercial. Watch the commercial here.

01.07.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – 12 Winter Workouts for Climbers. Stay in peak shape with these 12 climbing-conscious workouts.

11.30.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – The Spirit of Joshua Tree. A dive into the climbing culture and history of the remarkable Joshua Tree National Park.

08.05.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Thoughts on Solitude. Some musings over solitude and how empowering it can be.

07.01.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Pros of the Dirtbag Lifestyle. I take a look at the many pluses for living the dirtbag way.

06.09.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Failed Love on the Pacific Crest Trail. My own personal account of jumping on the trail with a significant other and having the relationship fall to pieces over 40 days. I trend toward depression, but then find myself moving to Boulder, CO where I meet my future husband.

05.07.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Climbing Masochism. Climbers seem to revel in pain, especially the type that makes us stronger.

04.14.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – Climbing at the Creek. The account of my first visit ever to Indian Creek, alone and afraid, and what it taught me.

Online Podcast/Interview:

05. 24.2017 – She-Explores – Podcast Episode 29: Finding Balance in the Hustle. Before the interview with OutdoorFest and Mappy Hour founder Sarah Knapp, Gale Straub features a recording I submitted in response to Episode 23: Mental Health & The Outdoors. I briefly speak about anxiety and depression from the perspective of losing a parent to genetic breast cancer and how inheriting the same mutation has influenced my life.

05.02.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – 2016 Yosemite Climbing Guide Book and interview with Erik Sloan. A brief overview of the new climbing guide book published for Yosemite National Park, with video by AFU Studios.

04.07.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – A Dirtbag Dreamer: Matt Myers. An interview with the owner and founder of Hostel California in Bishop, CA.

Online Gear Review:

Jan. 2018 – OutdoorGearLab – Category Review, Women’s Rain Boots:
+The 10 Best Rain Boots for Women
+How to Choose the Best Rain Boots for Women    +Individual Reviews / Kamik Heidi // Hunter Original Back Adjustable // Bogs North Hampton // Helly Hansen Veierland 2 // Xtratuff Legacy 15″, UGG Shaye // Joules Wellibob // Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot // L.L.Bean Wellies Tall // Crocs Jaunt Shorty /

07.19.2017 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Scarpa Spin Women’s Alpine Runners: The Spin is a new addition to their Alpine line of trail runners, finding its place right in-between the minimalist Atom and the higher profile Neutron. They call it the “Goldilocks of [the] Alpine Running collection, for those who want both support and simplicity on rugged trail and craggy ridgelines.”

04.24.2017 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Outdoor Research Gauge Tee and Trucker Hat: From the new technical line of trucker hats, which my husband steals, to the new Gauge short sleeve running tee, Outdoor Research has redefined comfort and utility in standard endurance items.

09.21.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: MountainSmith Wizard 30L. A gear review on the MountainSmith Wizard 30L Pack.

07.08.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: SPY Optic Allure Sunglasses. A gear review on the SPY Optic Allure Sunglasses with Happy Lens.

06.23.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Petzl Elia Climbing Helmet. A gear review on the new version of the Petzl Elia women’s climbing helmet.

05.31.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Scarpa Neutron & Atom Trail Runners. A gear review and comparison between the Scarpa Neutron and Scarpa Atom trail runners.

05.04.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Pearl Izumi N3 Trail Runners. A gear review on the new Pearl Izumi N3 women’s trail runners.

03.30.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Gregory I-Street Waterproof 30L Pack. A gear review on the waterproof and laptop carrying commuter pack by Gregory.

02.05.2016 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: MSR Lightning Ascent Women’s Snowshoe. A gear review on the new MSR ultralight women’s snowshoe.

10.19.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Petzl Connect and Dual Connect Adjust. A gear review and comparison of the innovative Connect and Dual Connect Adjust by Petzl.

08.26.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: 5.10 Anasazi LV Climbing Shoe. A gear review on the women’s 5.10 Anasazi LV shoe.

07.15.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Osprey Rev 12 Pack. A gear review on the ultralight and ultra-handy hydration pack by Osprey.

05.12.2015 – Outdoor Prolink Blog – ProView: Petzl Hirundos Harness. A gear review of the new and ultralight Hirundos harness by Petzl.

Talent Resume/Misc:

Subaru Crosstrek 2016







View more Subaru Still Shots Here

Thule Atmos X5 Waterproof iPhone Case


Climbing Magazine – July/August ’16 Issue: Gear Tester


2016 Yosemite Climbing Guide Book – Bishop’s Terrace, Photo by Brian Kimball


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