Adventure Haikus

Adventure Haikus

By Sara Aranda



Tree bark, buried soil

the snow catches the pine boughs

wind-blown like sand dunes.


Elk track through the trees

gentle dimples for white flesh,

my eyes are too late.


Abandon your boots

let wet laces paint the floor

let the floor melt too.


Ice on the window,

look harder, laid crystal bones

crawling thick with need.


Fish in the pine creek

lend your line of hunger,

watch the surface dance.


Gold light winks, leads me

to crystalline blood of you,

dark and wounded pine.


I took a wild path

found the sun caught in dead tree,

yet how nothing burned.


Mountain goat of white

grazes calm in the alpine

where the wind does not.


Run through the desert

and find on red canyon walls

paint of living hands.


There’s a lonely tree

in the midst of meadow grass—

how it stares at me.




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