SURVEY: Writers and Public Speaking


BivyTales is conducting a survey on topics of anxiety and disorder associated with public speaking, defined as glossophobia, particularly for writers and what their relationship may be with verbal communication versus written communication. Even if symptoms are not severe, or you believe to not suffer at all, we are still interested in what you have to say! And please, if you find this interesting, share this survey with your writer friends and family.

Follow this link to access the anonymous survey:

What will we do with this information?

The goal is to craft an article discussing this apparent reality for many writers, and to explore the psychology behind why. In addition, it would be beneficial to explore the other side of the spectrum and to hear from writers who have high self-efficacy and who do not suffer from speech anxiety.

At the end of the survey there is an opportunity for your input, how you interpret its implication, and/or alternative ways for conceptualizing this psychology.

And of course the success and validity of a resulting article is greater the more people participate in the survey!


Thank you so much,



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