Dither Me This #11: Midnight Must-Halves

In the middle of the night/I wish to split my pelvis open wide/place the middles on the cool side//with a lemon wedge, halved. … More Dither Me This #11: Midnight Must-Halves


Write Anything, Memory

Sometimes it is steam over the stove, watery eyes, days passing like the hairs that slip from my head, tendrils of fate, always happening. They leave evidence to where I’ve been, who I’ve touched, what clothes I’ve worn; yet I’ll never know when or how, exactly. All I can do is close my eyes … More Write Anything, Memory

Toe the Edge

My palms erupt with sweat. THAT FAST PATRICK. That fast you could have died. I would have fallen over 100 feet and detonated on the jagged rocks next to Corey. Stunned, I finish what I was originally supposed to do, something that is so second-nature, something that I have done thousands of times and is so stupidly mundane. I do it all with shaky hands, and finally rap off the route. … More Toe the Edge

Book Review – Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life

Bernadette Murphy is faced with her father’s death, a failing marriage, and a growing sense of worthlessness. She feels the weight of her life, or the lack of, rather, more than ever before. She realizes how unhappy she is, nearing 50, and how the woman she used to be – optimistic, courageous, and empowered – is basically dead. How does she jump-start the remaining 30-40 years she may have left? How does she survive as a single mother? While doing research for a book, she enrolls in a motorcycle safety class, and suddenly her life is changing in ways she could have never imagined. … More Book Review – Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life