ReNew Earth Running Fundraiser 2022

Photographer: Emily Sierra

Welcome! This fundraiser is to support RER’s mission:

“Running to protect and heal the environment by restoring land to the stewardship of Tribal Nations and Indigenous leadership. Through the fundraising efforts of the ReNew Earth Running Team we will help fund environmental protection and healing efforts led by Tribal Nations and other Indigenous organizations. We hope to provide assistance throughout Indian Country and have a positive impact on the environment.” #legsforlandback

The Fundraising Promotion Period (Aug 1st – Sept 4th) has ended. While donations can still be collected via the button above, the incentives laid out below are no longer applicable. However, if you donate over $100, the artists and I will surely discuss what we can do for you! Thank you so much!

On September 4th, 2022, I, Sara Aranda, will be racing the Run the Rut 50k in Big Sky, Montana (home of the Blackfoot/Niitsitapi, Shoshone-Bannock, Salish, and Cheyenne). The race will be quite the challenge with over 10,000 feet of gain in a span of 31-ish miles! In preparation for the event, the month of August will be at the core of this fundraiser. I have partnered with a few artists and movers to offer varying levels of incentives. Throughout the month of August, I will be highlighting each person on my Instagram (@oyesaranda) and showcasing what your donations can earn you.

Scroll down for the list of Incentives.

I’m honored to be collaborating with:

RENE ARANDA – (she/they) artist, actor, model, producer, & sister // IG: @therenearanda

“The process of storytelling for the masses to inspire future generations and bring us all closer together in an attempt to understand and embrace the human condition. I want to do this until I drop.”

RENÉE ALMATIERRA – (she/ella) artist, photographer, musician, & amiga // IG: @almatierrarte

“My ancestors’ stories are deeply ingrained in me – in the fading memories I hold behind my eyes, in the languages that live in my heart but not on my tongue, in the forgotten trauma that still runs through my veins.”

BECCA JAY – (she/her) coach, personal trainer, & RER teammate. // IG: @beccajay.getuptraining

“As a coach/personal trainer I get to encourage people to see what they may not see they are capable of in their minds and bodies. I like to push back against whatever limitations and negative self-talk they have. I LOVE challenging people to try and also to work on their mindset, which is HUGE!”

INCENTIVES (Aug 1st-Sept 4th):

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the full benefits of incentives for your donations, please make sure you use a reliable email address. The initial email you will receive after donating is automated, so please allow for up to 2-4 WEEKS for me to access a list of donors and to personalize a response with details of what you have earned. If you will be receiving artwork, I will also be requesting from you an address for delivery. Thank you for your contributions and your patience!

+ Everyone who donates will receive at least one (1) online Full Body Workout video by Becca Jay

+ $25 or more: One (1) sketch drawing by Rene Aranda.

+ $100-199: Two (2) online Workout videos by Becca Jay

+ $200-250: Three (3) online Workout videos by Becca Jay

+ $225: The first person to donate $225 will receive one (1) 8″x10″ or 10″x10″ Encaustic Wax on wood painting by Renée Almatierra

+ The first three (3) people to donate $250 will receive a painting by Rene Aranda.

+ $251-300: Four (4) online Workout videos by Becca Jay

+ $301 or more: Five (5) online Workout videos by Becca Jay

+ $325: The first person to donate $325 will receive one (1) 10″x12″ or 12″x12″ Encaustic Wax on wood painting, where the donor gets to choose their own colors (up to 4), by Renée Almatierra


Fundraiser published 7/14/2022 with a $1500 goal.

Incentive tiers added on 8/1/2022 with a TBD amount for Renée Almatierra.

Incentive tiers finalized on 8/8/2022 and pronouns added for the collaborators.

Ute, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Shoshone land